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Weight Training

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When you’re attempting to lose weight, weight training should absolutely be a part of your program. Muscle tissues continues to burn calories at a higher rate than other tissues, even at rest, so the more muscular you are, the more calories you’ll burn just sitting around. Weight training also firms up saggy areas and boosts the development of bone; that’s a real boon to women at risk for osteoporosis. Many people, however, believe that, if they’re doing weight training, they need to take special supplements to maximize their workouts, and thus, by extension, their weight loss. Here’s a look at some popular supplements for weight training.

One of the most common supplements is something you might not see as a supplement at all: sports drinks such as Gatorade. You’ll see folks at the gym toting these drinks around, but are they really beneficial? For the average person doing weight training for its weight loss Tips benefits – not really.

Weight Loss Tips For Teenage Girls

Teenage is the most overestimated and yet least understood period of a person’s life when an individual is battling between expressing his/her opinion and becoming a victim to all the wrong images and inspirations. The more we try to fathom it, the less we seem to understand how the mind of a teenager works. They seem to want to have their cake and eat it too, they want to be seen as adults and yet want to enjoy all that a child enjoys, they want to spend time talking over the phone and still wish for better scores at school, they want to feast on junk food and still end up looking like a supermodel.

weight loss tips for women over 40

You must strength train  This doesn’t mean you have to pump iron like a bodybuilder dude, but use your body weight, a medicine ball, a kettlebell, dumbbells or barbells.  I’m not talking about lifting 3 pound weights for 50 reps and then doing 100 crunches.

Your strength training regimen should include movements like: walking lunges, squats, push ups, kettlebell swings, chin ups, various plank movements and medicine ball slams and rotations.


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