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ways to lose weight

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100 ways to lose weight contains a plethora of ways in which you can lose weight and burn fat. You should be able to find a solution or two that will help you achieve weight loss here.

The majority of people want to shed a few pounds, it’s just that they don’t have the knowledge or the time to research and swim through the sea of loony, misinformation. I’ve compiled everything from tips on how to lose weight and best way to lose weight fast through to how to lose weight naturally

So I guess luckily, We’ve done all the work for you and created a 100 list that will give you no excuses…..sorry.

Now with no excuses left, your health will improve and your waistline can shrink. They are not in order of importance, but we ranked each one out of 10 with 10 being the best of the bunch and 1 being O.K if you have time on your hands.

Goodbye excuses:

1. Exercise – weight loss tips

You must seriously be prepared to do some form of exercise if you want to lose weight so take on something – something is better than nothing. 8/10

2. Eat Less –

Reduce your calorie intake below your calorie expenditure and you will lose weight – it’s not rocket science, cut the 3 course feasts and eat moderate meals – simple, yes?

This doesn’t mean you can’t eat and lose weight, you just need to be smarter about what you eat.

3. Eat Smarter-

Eating Less is elementary and will work, but eating smarter is even better. Eat foods that are low on the glycemic index because they keep your energy even and help you to maintain fat burning all day and night. Eating to lose weight is important, so choose Low GI foods to keep energy levels even and fat burning at a maximum.

4. Rest And Recovery –

Without adequate recovery you can damage you body and health, so make sure you get enough sleep and rest to rejuvenate your mind and body.

5. Exercise Smarter

Any exercise is good, but intelligent exercise is fantastic, it’s impossible to form a 100 ways to lose weight list without making clear the benefits of proper exercise methods.

General rules for exercise are that:

Harder is better, longer isn’t,

Good form with weight training is essential for safety,

Warm ups are a necessity,

Don’t eat before a workout unless you are a professional bodybuilder or an Olympic athlete.

If you learn the right exercises for your body and lifestyle your progress will be far greater. The best exercise to lose weight is weight training as muscle is the ultimate fat burner, so you should try an add some more muscle in order to add fat burning power.

You can also use simple exercises. Most people know you can lose weight by walking a few minutes per day and if you’re smart, you will walk faster and get the heart rate up.

You really can lose weight by walking.


6. Cheats/Rewards

Having a naughty meal once or twice a week is fine and should be seen as a reward for your hard work. Never cut your favorite foods out of your diet or you’ll cave in eventually and eat them by the bucket. Plan to have your favorites once or twice a week and have something to look forward to. This solution really works , because you never really go without.

It means you can still eat and lose weight.


7. Hide The Bad Food – weight loss tips

Out of sight out of mind – hide the junk from plain sight to avoid temptation.

8. Substitute

Find subs for bad food like lower fat milk, reduced salt/fat margarine, fat free sour cream, multi-grain bread and many other great alternatives.

9. Park Further Away

Don’t try to score a lazy close park, instead find one that makes you walk a little further – C’mon.

Walk that little bit extra, it’s a fast way to lose weight


10. Protein

Protein doesn’t spike your blood sugar and give you insulin lows, it doesn’t get stored as fat with ease, it makes you feel fuller, it lowers the g.i of the carbs that you eat with it and its good for cell repair – add low fat protein sources to your diet.

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weight loss programs

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There are so many different ways to lose weight and I do have my favorites like cutting carbohydrates. After working with my personal training clients for over 25 years; however, I know cutting carbohydrates might not be the best weight loss option for everyone.

For a number of my clients including myself, keeping our carbohydrate intake to no more than 150 grams per day (600 calories) by eating mostly vegetables and a couple of fruits along with intermittent fasting, is the easiest way to control our weight. However, I have had many clients and friends lose weight with all different types of diets over the years. Some of them were reasonably healthy and some were not. You have to find a diet, an exercise program and a healthy way of life that works for you. With that in mind, I came up with a number of diets on the internet that you might want to checkout if my cutting carbs-intermittent fasting diet is not for you.

1- Bill Phillips Transformation Solution: the transformation solution diet is getting a lot of buzz on the internet lately. Bill Phillips wrote a #1 NY Times best-selling book about weight loss and body transformation a few years ago called Body-for-Life. I have reread this book many times and it really is a great exercise and diet to follow. That book and program had a cult like following, similar to the P90x program that is so popular today.

Anything that Bill puts out is high quality and I’m sure this program will help tens of thousands of people lose weight. Click this link to The Transformation Solution and checkout the program for yourself.

2- The Diet Solution Program: the diet solution program is one of the most popular diets for women on the internet. Isabel De Los Rios, who is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has helped over 25,000 people all over the world lose weight, created the program.

The majority of the foods recommended in The Diet Solution Program are wholesome, natural foods, such as:

· Organic eggs

· Natural meats & poultry

· Wild fish

· Fruits & vegetables

· Raw nuts

· Natural oils

· Natural grains

Checkout the The Diet Solution Program’s web site. It has a great video explaining the diet and also gives a lot of great free advice on how to eat healthy.

3- Fat Loss 4 Idiots: fat loss 4 idiots is another very popular diet on the internet. It talks about how:

· Low fat foods don’t work

· Low calorie diets don’t work

· Low carb plans don’t work

· States that Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig diets are too slow

This diet is based on eating the right foods at the right time of the day. The diet looks at food like medicine that should be prescribed in a certain way to lose weight. Checkout the Fat Loss 4 Idiots web site for more information and a detailed description of the weight loss plan.

4- Eat Stop Eating: This is one of my favorite weight loss programs. I have recommended this intermittent fasting program on this blog many times because it really does work. I have found fasting to be one of the easiest ways to lose weight especially if you don’t want to give up eating all your favorite foods.

I learned a lot about fasting from Brad Pilon the creator of the Eat Stop Eating Program. If you are serious about losing weight you have to checkout his program.

5- Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle: Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program has been one of the most popular weight loss programs on the internet for years. He has helped over 200,000 people lose weight. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts really like his program. He takes a very scientific approach to weight loss.

Tom has been a 7-time natural bodybuilding champion and practices what he preaches. It’s worth clicking the link to the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program just to see the video Tom did about how the program works. There is a lot of good free information there plus some other free giveaways.

We all know that there is no one size fits all diet for everyone. I hope these five online weight loss programs will give you a few more weight loss options. Make sure you check them all out at least for all the free information and giveaways on the sites. Some of these sites give away so much free information you might not even need to order the program.

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online weight loss programs

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Have you ever ever heard of a web-based weight reduction program before?

Online weight loss programs applications are designed to assist people, presumably just like you

who wish to lose weight. What it nice about on-lineweight reduction packages is that they are operated

online which is sweet for many who have busy schedules; schedules that may not permit them to join

domestically operated

online weight loss programs

  • You probably have by no means joined a web-based weight reduction program before, it’s possible you’ll be wondering if one is right for you. Better but, chances are you’ll be wondering if an internetweight reduction program is well worth the cost. In all honestly, you’ll usually discover that on-line weight loss applications are nicely worth their prices, nevertheless it all depends. To ensure that your money is properly spent, you’ll want to just remember to select the net weight loss program that’s excellentfor you and your needs.
  • When finding an internet weight reduction program that is greater than definitely worth the costs, it would be best to look at the features that you have access to. Options are additionally generally known as membership advantages or membership perks. The program features that you’ve got entry to performs a large half in figuring out whether or not or not the netweight reduction program that you simply want to be a part of is well worth the money. A couple of of the many on-line weight loss features or member perks that you want entry to are outlined below.
  • One of the many options or membership advantages that will make a web based online weight loss program well price the fee is that of wholesome eating tips. As you possible already know, healthy consuming is a vital part of any weight reduction plan. Many online weight reduction programs have wholesome consuming sections that include straightforward to make recipes formeals and drinks, as well as shopping tips and far more. As previously acknowledged, healthy consuming is a vital part of reducing weight; due to this fact, you need to look for an online weight loss program that does have a wholesome consuming or a healthy meals section.
  • Another characteristic that might make a web-based weight reduction program more than worth the prices is that of an train
    online weight loss programs

read more:- http://xexpert.net/online-weight-loss-programs

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Weight Training

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When you’re attempting to lose weight, weight training should absolutely be a part of your program. Muscle tissues continues to burn calories at a higher rate than other tissues, even at rest, so the more muscular you are, the more calories you’ll burn just sitting around. Weight training also firms up saggy areas and boosts the development of bone; that’s a real boon to women at risk for osteoporosis. Many people, however, believe that, if they’re doing weight training, they need to take special supplements to maximize their workouts, and thus, by extension, their weight loss. Here’s a look at some popular supplements for weight training.

One of the most common supplements is something you might not see as a supplement at all: sports drinks such as Gatorade. You’ll see folks at the gym toting these drinks around, but are they really beneficial? For the average person doing weight training for its weight loss Tips benefits – not really.

Weight Loss Tips For Teenage Girls

Teenage is the most overestimated and yet least understood period of a person’s life when an individual is battling between expressing his/her opinion and becoming a victim to all the wrong images and inspirations. The more we try to fathom it, the less we seem to understand how the mind of a teenager works. They seem to want to have their cake and eat it too, they want to be seen as adults and yet want to enjoy all that a child enjoys, they want to spend time talking over the phone and still wish for better scores at school, they want to feast on junk food and still end up looking like a supermodel.

weight loss tips for women over 40

You must strength train  This doesn’t mean you have to pump iron like a bodybuilder dude, but use your body weight, a medicine ball, a kettlebell, dumbbells or barbells.  I’m not talking about lifting 3 pound weights for 50 reps and then doing 100 crunches.

Your strength training regimen should include movements like: walking lunges, squats, push ups, kettlebell swings, chin ups, various plank movements and medicine ball slams and rotations.

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Weight Loss Tips To Boost Your Metabolic Rate

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In order to have a very high amount of success with your weight loss plan, you’ll want to be sure that you’re doing absolutely everything you can to maximize your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is essentially the key determiner of how many calories your body burns over the course of the day.

Since overall weight loss will come down to calories burned versus calories coming in, the more you can burn, the better success you see. It’s a relatively simple equation and when you can get that equation tilting in your favour, results will definitely be showing.

Now, this also means that the faster your metabolism is burning throughout the day, the more calories you’re using up for energy. There are a number of different ways that you can actually boost the metabolic rate hence when you do so, you’ll see faster results.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best weight loss tips for boosting your metabolism so you can get more from your weight loss efforts.

Lift Heavier Weights

Quite possibly the single best way for  to enhance your metabolic rate is to start lifting heavier weights. Not only are heavy weights going to help you build more lean muscle tissue which itself will increase your metabolic rate over the long term, but when you lift heavy weights in the gym your body is going to burn off a number of calories in the hours after you’re finished just recovering from that workout session.

Think of it this way for weight loss tips . You could do a workout in the gym that burned 300 calories and then return to your baseline calorie burn of about 50-60 calories per hour.

Or, you could do a workout in the gym that burned 350 calories since it was performed at a higher intensity using the heavy weights and then continue to maintain an elevated metabolic rate so you burned 100 calories per hour for the following five before returning to baseline.

Which scenario would see better weight loss? Obviously the second and that’s what lifting heavier weights will give you.

Eat More Protein

Second, another very simple tip to increase your metabolic rate is to simply eat more protein. For every 100 calories of protein that you eat, your body will actually burn off 30 of those calories simply digesting it.

When you take in a 100 calories of carbohydrates or dietary fat in comparison, the body will lonely burn off 5 and 2 calories respectively.

So, the more protein you eat in your diet, the more calories you burn off each day thus the fewer calories you ‘net’ overall. This translates to you seeing a faster overall weight loss.

Just do keep in mind this doesn’t mean you should eat a diet that contains only protein as obviously that isn’t healthy at all, but rather that you should be making sure that you prioritize protein in each of the meals or snacks that you consume.

Add A High Carb Day

Another thing that you can do that will really boost up your metabolic rate and could potentially be the best weight loss tip you’ll get is to make sure that you have one higher carb day during the week.

Low carb dieting is very popular for weight loss right now and it does tend to work quite well. However, that said, one major problem with low carb diets is the fact that they do tend to slow the metabolism down.

At first you may not notice this all that bad but give it two or three weeks and you’ll really be struggling.

The best way to offset this however is to have one day each week where you do eat more carbohydrates. This will send a signal to the body that it is getting energy and it won’t feel the need to slow that metabolism down as much.

This means you’ll maintain a faster metabolism all throughout the week experiencing a greater rate of weight loss  . Plus, who doesn’t enjoy one high carbohydrate day in their diet each week?

Get More Sleep

Finally, the last weight loss tips to make sure you see success is to make sure you’re sleeping enough. When you aren’t getting enough sleep throughout the week your body can actually slow down how many calories it’s burning on a daily basis and what’s worse, it will release a hormone called cortisol.

This hormone can then cause lean muscle tissue loss and that will also permanently slow down your metabolism.

Aim for at least seven hours, if not eight, while you’re on your diet. Your body will thank you because of it.

So keep these quick weight loss tips in mind to boost your metabolism so you can reach that dream weight you’re after.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Fastest Weight Loss

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1. How much should I weigh?

A healthy body weight can be determined by calculating the Body Mass Index of a person which is measured by comparing the actual weight against the height. This has been used by the World Health Organization as the standard for measuring whether a person is underweight, overweight, or obese. Normally, the BMI should be between 18 and 25. Beyond these values, you should talk to your doctor about this due to associated health risks.

2. How much should I lose?

That decision actually depends on you. But before taking any measures Weight Loss Tips

, always seek professional counseling because losing too much too soon may not be

3. Does rapid weight loss work?

Many manufacturers claim to cause rapid Weight Loss Tips
through a variety of starvation diets, diet pills and supplements, and products. And actually, some of them DOES work. However, the numbers shed are mostly attributed to water and lean muscle loss which are potentially dangerous for one’s health. If you are interested in rapid weight loss program, make sure that the main objective of such is to lose fat instead of lean tissue.

4. What are the consequences of rapid weight loss?

Any rapid weight loss program may have several potential consequences, especially if the lost numbers are not attributed to fat loss. Dehydration, malnutrition, and electrolyte imbalances may occur as a result of water loss and insufficient intake of dietary protein and essential nutrients. Certain diseases like gall stones may also set in.

Apart from these, rapid weight loss due to loss of muscle tissue could produce unpleasant outcomes. A loose, hanging skin is very common because the skin was unable to shrink back as fast as how you lost fat or muscle. This is very noticeable and commonly affects areas such as the arms, abdomen, and thighs.

5. How fast can I lose weight?

On the average, a person may lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. But with rigid dieting and workout, this may be increased with up to 4-5 pounds per week. Most of this may be most likely comprised of water and therefore much of the weight will be regained shortly when changes in the eating habits and lifestyle is not observed.

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Weight Loss Tips

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Teenage is the most overestimated and yet least understood period of a person’s life when an individual is battling between expressing his/her opinion and becoming a victim to all the wrong images and inspirations. The more we try to fathom it, the less we seem to understand how the mind of a teenager works.  Weight Loss Tips They seem to want to have their cake and eat it too, they want to be seen as adults and yet want to enjoy all that a child enjoys, they want to spend time talking over the phone and still wish for better scores at school, they want to feast on junk food and still end up looking like a supermodel.

weight loss tips for teenage girls Data from the National Survey of Children’s Health indicate that almost 29 percent of girls 10 to 17 years old are either overweight or obese. Overweight and obese teens have increased chances for numerous medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and menstrual abnormalities. However, the most immediate effect reported by youth, according to the Surgeon General, is social discrimination. A nutritious food plan combined with simple lifestyle changes can help ensure your long-term weight loss success.

Source :- http://xexpert.net

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